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Use your experience to help Zimbabwean girls

Through our mentorship programme, you can help us to create positive experiences for the young girls who desire to change their lives. 

The mediocre teacher tells. The good teacher explains. The superior teacher demonstrates. The great teacher inspires. - William Arthur Ward

The ZIMBOPY Mentorship Programme is a unique opportunity for software developers around the world to create significant impact on an emerging technical community in Zimbabwe.

With your help we want the girls to be able to address local issues that can be solved through technology such as water crises or e-commerce solutions for small shops in towns and villages. 


ZimboPy will be offering our next Mentoring opportunity this August! This is a unique and exciting chance for Python developers from around the world to join together to participate in a 2 day-long mentorship program to assist girls in Zimbabwe August 13-14 2018.


This year we will be teaching the students from a selected Python focused book, with each mentor covering a topic in the book they feel comfortable with.


Mentors, will be asked to attend a few prep meetings before the week of the 13th and undertake a bit of self study for their selected topic. During the sessions you will only need to be available for the hours you've volunteered to take (this might be very early or late due to time zone differences.)


Mentors communicate with their students via video conference and email. 

Mentors may also choose to travel to Zimbabwe to work with girls in person for the kick-off week of the program.


The program will be held twice this year, the first being April 2-8 2018 and the second being August 13-14 2018.

To become a mentor

To attend as a student